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Name:Shadowsphere: A dark AU RPG
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Shadowsphere is now CLOSED. Thank you for joining us, and be well!

This is the main (journals) community for Shadowsphere RPG

A dream. A strange dream.
Somehow, you can tell that this dream is a premonition — a warning — but does it speak of things to come or things long past? You don't know; you can't tell. But this dream is important. You're sure of that much.

When the dream fades, your eyes open. Everything seems to be in order — you're in your own home, which is definitely not in a giant tree inside a glass bowl, and contains only the old familiar faces. But the next time you sleep, the dream returns, and it never leaves you.

Whiteness — bright and featureless — surrounds you. As far as the eye can see, there is nothing. The floor seems solid under your feet, but when you glance down it's just like glass. Down below is roiling fog, and past that, glimpses of a vast dark ocean. Then you look up, and see the shadow of the tree — rotten, ashen, crumbling, surrounded by the shifting shadows of creatures like nothing that should be alive.

Hello. Welcome back to Shadowsphere.
Back? But I've never... not so sure, right? It's okay — we're all like that here. You’ll find that you have a constant, persistent sense of déjà vu, as though you've been here before, lived here, had a home, friends, maybe even family. None of us know if that feeling is real, or what happened to this place — mostly we're too busy trying to survive until we wake up again. We'll help you, or try to, but you'll have to pull your weight. You're not safe here. No one is.

Now tell me. Do you remember your name?

Shadowsphere is a semi-closed, plot-heavy, survival/mystery oriented dark AU RPG, heavily inspired by [community profile] edensphere.

Original Edensphere concept credit to ten. and Matcha. Thanks for the memories!

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